I have been an AAMFT Approved Supervisor since 2005. I am also a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor Supervisor in Nevada. I can provide either primary or secondary supervision for both those licenses. I charge $60 an hour for individual supervision and $30 an hour for group sessions. Supervision is part instruction and part consultation, and the mix changes as you progress through your internship. Supervision is more than bureaucratic hurdle on the way to licensure; it is the opportunity to shape yourself as a therapist with the guidance of seasoned practitioners.

At the onset of supervision I will ask you to set some goals for yourself during your internship and these goals will be documented in your supervision contract. I ask my interns to provide video recording of a session every six months and will provide you with detailed notes regarding the session, as well as discussing portions of it during one of your supervisory sessions. I might suggest books or particular workshops based on your needs as an evolving therapist. In spite of the limitations that being in session as a therapist imposes, I strive to be available to my interns if they have questions or concerns regarding their work.

If you have questions, or would like to set up an interview to see if we could work together, please give me a call.

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